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CBC Stampede blog features International Avenue - Indoneisan Kitchen

Stampede live blog  A little bit of country with big international flavour   CBC News 

Explore and experience the tastes and flavours of International Avenue at "The Best of the East Stampede Breakfast!" This year we served out Indonesian rice porridge "Bubur Ayam"  Flavoured with chicken broth, garlic and topped with green onions, cilantro, and fried shallots, finished off with a dash of soy sauce and some spicy chili sauce. The best breakfast meal every!

Homes & Lifestyles Canada - International Avenue

Indonesian Kitchen featured on Homes and Lifestyle Canada

Check out our segment with lovely host Kim Hayden and chef Ibu Kartini as they cook the most famous Nasi Goreng on this Homes & Lifestyles Canada episode!

Global TV Morning Show - featuring Indonesian Kitchen and Globalfest

Watch Ibu Kartini show the simple yet delicious recipe of cooking our Rusuk Sapi (Beef Ribs).
And Globalfests Marketing Manager Erin Fiell explains what Globalfest 2016 has to offer.

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