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Sayap Ayam Bakar $7

Chicken wings with a distinct ginger flavour - 6 pieces

Lemper Ayam $3

Steamed traditional sticky rice stuffed with cooked shredded chicken wrapped in banana leaf.

Pangsit Goreng $7

Indonesian chicken and shrimp fried wontons - 12 pieces

Veggie Pangsit Goreng $7

Indonesian veggie fried wontons - 12 pieces

Krupuk Udang $4

Shrimp flavoured Indonesian crackers - 3 pieces






Sayur Asam


Soto Ayam $9

Bean thread noodles, chicken breast, boiled eggs and bean sprouts all dancing in a medley of smooth coconut milk accented with a pinch of lime, lemon grass, ginger and turmeric.

Sop Pangsit $6

Tasty chicken and shrimp wontons, carrots, coli flower and broccoli all in a delicious broth Garnished with green onions and fried shallots.

Laksa $12

Spicy seafood soup that includes shrimp, calamari, scallops, bean sprouts and bean thread noodles.





Kari Ayam $13

Indonesian curry chicken breast pieces done with turmeric in creamy coconut, rich and full   of flavour.

Sambal Goreng Ayam $13

Chicken breast pieces sautéed in homemade rich  sambal sauce with mild flavouring from terasi.

Ayam Hijau $17

Bone-in chicken piece cooked in hot green chili peppers. This is only for the brave.

Ayam Mantega $15

Chicken breast pieces sautéed in a garlicly butter sauce, with smooth creamy coconut.





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