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We Provide Catering
As of December 2021 we only provide catering services as we are no longer operating as a restaurant establishment.
We offer catering for any type of event with a variety of service options fitting to your budget. Our catering accommodates delivery anywhere in the city (Calgary). For any special requests and menu options contact us by phone at 403-650-1434 or via email at

With around 20,000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and represents one of the oldest cultures known to man.  Indonesia features over 100 different languages and perhaps the widest  variety of food of any nation.


There are several reasons why Indonesia occupies such a unique position with respect to cuisine.  Among the primary reasons are its location and its rich history.  The climate allows for the cultivation of almost everything from apples to rambutan!  Because of its rich soil and unique climate, Indonesia is prized for its growing of spices, which includes cloves, turmeric, galangal, nutmeg, peppers, ginger and cinnamon.  It is from here that coconut was first used in cooking.


The rich under-currents of  its seas bring nutrition from three of the major oceans of the world, giving Indonesia a variety of fish found nowhere else in the world.  Not surprising, it is from this part of the world we get the most amazing flavours of lemon-grass, lime, ginger, garlic, turmeric, galangal and chilli peppers fused with the smoothness of coconut and candlenut.


Its history is old and rich with significant influences from India, China, Yemen, Arabia and Europe, most notably Holland.  Despite absorbing influences from various nations, Indonesia is proud to be the keeper of some of its timeless cooking traditions.  Who can forget the fiery zest of Sambal dishes or “The Best Soup in the World”: Soto Ayam?


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